What advice I'd love to get as a dataviz newbie

  • Storytelling — what is the message, how do you convey it, is it easy to follow this message just looking at your viz, how do you want people to feel when they look at it, who controls the data behaviour and so on?
  • Design — how you use visual tools such as color, shape, contrast to communicate the message, what’s the visual structure of your work, what are connections and reference of your design to the material world
  • The technical side of the project — how deep your analysis is, what’s the level of complexity of the visualization, how unique and special the technical part is
Obstacles to Gender Equality for #MakeOverMonday



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Anastasia Komissarova

Anastasia Komissarova


Information designer. Thoughts on design and data analysis. Expository writing. Twitter @anakomissarof